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We believe in a world of innovation and positive change, by making this world more open, social and bottom-up.

In our world, everyone has an important part to play.


You can involve people and keep them engaged in innovation by providing them with resources that make this process more fun, easy and smart.

We’re creating innovation software that’s smart and playful. Software developed from the core principles of lean, user centered and design thinking.

To innovate you mobilize the crowd. To use the wisdom of the crowd, you use Boiler.


Boiler is a cloud based solution. In Boiler, users are guided step by step in an intuitive environment to take their concepts to a next level. Smart networking mobilizes the crowd to create teams and interaction. Playful gamification techniques like profile building and action rewards keep users engaged.

All in all, Boiler brings a lot more to the table than just another innovative tool. It really is what innovation boils down to.

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This is what sets us apart from anything else currently out there:

What Boiler can do for you

Boiler can solve a lot of problems when it comes to innovation. So, to keep it simple and save you some time, we’ll only name whats most important.
Boiler will:

  1. Structure your innovation processes
  2. Create clear overview on current innovation projects
  3. Mobilize your employees

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Innovate or Die
All companies, big or small, use innovation to progress their business. Innovate or die is not just an empty phrase to keep entrepreneurs scared and on their feet – it’s a lesson they often learn too late. Although innovation is essential to any business’ survival, it doesn’t come easy. A lot of problems arise when people or businesses try to develop their ideas into new products or services.

When You’re the Man
Imagine yourself working as a manager within a big company, charged with the task to facilitate its innovation. What would you do? How would you find and involve the right people? What would you do to keep those people inspired and motivated, especially when working on new ideas is something they’d have to do in addition to the job they where hired to do? And how would you let those different people know what was expected of them, even before they started putting ideas on your desk?

And even when an R&D or innovation manager has all of the above figured out, he’d still have to maintain oversight of the ideas to make sure these people aren’t working on comparable concepts, or pouring in valuable means and energy in ideas that have no chance of ever seeing the light of day.

The Big Three
No, it’s not easy being an innovation manager. Especially when you have to explain to your boss that all of these smaller complications add up to the three main problems you are facing as a result:

  1. A fundamental lack of structure in your innovation processes
  2. No clear oversight on current active or inactive projects
  3. The inability to mobilize your employees

As a result of these problems, any viable ideas you might be working on, will have a very slow development speed and (thus) increase the combined development cost of your innovation projects.

That’s why innovation is hard. That’s why many try, but most of them die. Not mainly for a lack of trying, but mostly for just not knowing how to stay alive.

What the Doctor Prescribes
So basically you want to create more viable new products or services in less time. That means we’re talking about the quality and speed of innovation. Experts agree that in orde to increase both speed and quality, it requires the mobilization of a larger crowd in order to harness the collective mind.

To solve this challenge we’re building a flexible online platform that is playful and smart. Boiler will be made available on desktop and mobile devices.

Playful, Because?
1. Will engage in a visually engaging environment (boiler) where ideas (bubbles) literally grow and respond to the interaction people have with them;

2. Are rewarded for their behavior and not just the results. This will fuel ongoing engagement and keep the innovation motor running;

3. Are challenged to collaborate on quests that match the stage their ideas are in;

4. Can grow their personal innovation profiles which also gives insight into each player’s strengths.

And Smart Because
1. Boilers can be customized to match the unique challenges a company faces. This is done using modules, criteria, levels and rules;

2. Boiler will learn from experience and offer users smart suggestions on possible team members, next steps and challenges;

3. Offering a visually intuitive overview of the current state of innovation and the people involved is just, well… Smart. Make the data work for you and improve your innovation game.

What makes Boiler
a Game Changer

We’re developing Boiler with a focus on user experience instead of manager output, which increases the quality and quantity of input. Literally anyone can use it; the platform has a clean, clear and intuitive design, minimising the necessity for any kind of formal training.

Your innovation space is configurable using flexible modules, levels and rules that can easily be adjusted by innovation managers to suit any type innovation process. So custom setup is done in hours, instead of weeks or months.

Boiler uses playful gamification techniques to keep users engaged. This means we give it’s users insight in their personal development. For example by adding points to wel received contributions.

Boiler will offer smart suggestions. For instance about which next steps a user could take or even about who would be a valuable team member.

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Our team

Jeroen Koomen

Jeroen is an inventor and contributes wisdom, intelligence and creativity to every mission. He does this by developing tools committed to positive growth.

He is a Swiss Army knife with a talent for concept integration – because of his multidisciplinary background in both software development and engineering, as well as coaching, training and facilitation.

Olivier Hofman

Great at connecting people. Drafts energy from visualizing raw, complex and abstract ideas and bringing them to life in pictures and words.

Has a strong background in marketing & communication.

Get’s his inspiration from exchanging thoughts with others and having his own challenged. Has a fascination for human relations and new technology.

Maarten van der Vleuten

A “Digital Native” with focus on user experience, game design, creative development and managing, complex, digital productions.

Maarten gets inspired by new technology and is always looking for new ways to set integrate this in his work.

His interests lie in: robotics, gaming, installations, psychology, interaction, interactive environments, Unity, building digital and physical things.